Training Courses

Pleading Workshop Outline

  • Setup Law Office and Attorney Information
  • Create Master Captions
  • Caption Tools
  • Create a Pleading
  • Using the CalPleadings Formatting Toolbar
  • toolbar

  • Body text
  • Quotes and Footnotes
  • Paragraph alignment
    • Discovery Phrases
    • – Interrogatory selections
    • – Updating number sequences
    • Marking Citations
    • Generate Table of Authorities
    • Generate Table of Contents


    Sample Microsoft Word Course Outline

    Basic Skills

    • Moving around in a document
    • Simple editing
    • Check Spelling and Grammar

    Intermediate & Advanced Features

    • Paragraph Format and Styles
    • Section Format, headers & footers, section breaks, page numbering
    • Paragraph and Outline Numbering
    • Tables, sorting, formulas, borders and shading
    • Mail Merge, form letters, envelopes and labels
    • Cross-Reference, bookmarks, hyperlinks
    • Table of Contents, Table of Authorities, Indexes
    • Graphics, drawing, creating brochures and newsletters
    • Creating custom forms and templates
    • Customize Word with your own toolbars, shortcut keys
    • Creating macros and using Visual Basic


    Sample Microsoft Outlook Course Outline

    Tips & Tricks for every Outlook user

    • Email messages – finding and sorting messages, auto-reply, rules to manage incoming email
    • Create folders to organize messages & other Outlook items
    • Flag any item for follow-up reminders
    • Link any Outlook item to another Outlook item, or to any file on your computer or network
    • Create distribution lists to send e-mail messages to multiple recipients

    Intermediate and Advanced Features

    • Create Public Folders for project teams, departments or an entire organization: Calendar, Contacts, Messages, Tasks
    • Set permissions to Public folders for appropriate levels of access (view only, add/modify/delete items)
    • Create custom templates for routine interoffice tasks, such as “Check Request” or “Out Of Office Notification”.
    • Design custom forms with special fields, tailored to a special project, or a particular department


    Word Training for WordPerfect Veterans

    Can’t live without “Reveal Codes”?
    – Yes, there is a command in Microsoft Word that displays behind-the-scenes format.

    Many commands in WordPerfect and Microsoft Word are the same.
    – Focus on features that are designed differently in Microsoft Word and how to use them efficiently.

    Do you often use shortcut keys or function keys?
    – Yes, the same shortcuts exist in Microsoft Word – your fingers just have to learn new keyboard shortcuts!

    How to make a “converted” WordPerfect document really perfect in Microsoft Word.
    – Learn why sections breaks are inserted into a converted document, why printing results in Microsoft Word are sometimes very different than in WordPerfect.