WordPerfect to Word Conversions

WordPerfect Macro, Form, Template Conversions

Word Automation also offers technical services to convert a wide range of WordPerfect macros and merge codes to Microsoft Word. This includes WordPerfect templates and forms that are used with document management and case management systems such as Worldox, ProLaw, and PerfectLaw. Send us a WordPerfect Template, Form & Macro Conversion Request for more information.

About Converting WordPerfect Headers and Footers

The design and architecture of WordPerfect and Microsoft Word are very different. There are some components of a document that no conversion program can translate exactly, such as:

  • Multiple Headers & Footers [Header A] [Header B] [Footer A] [Footer B]
  • Delayed Headers & Footers (also known as “Suppress” Headers & Footers)
  • Page Numbering
  • Conversion programs can only convert WordPerfect codes

    [Header B] [Footer B] [PgNum]
    to frames in the Header or Footer window in Microsoft Word.

Word Automation will properly convert WordPerfect headers, footers and page numbering to Microsoft Word, without separate frames that are confusing and frustrating for even expert users. Section breaks and section formatting are carefully analyzed and refined, if necessary.

WordPerfect Document Conversions

We also provide volume-based WordPerfect to Word document conversions. Conversion service items include:

WordPerfect Document Conversion Service Items:

Back Tabs

Newspaper or Parallel Columns

Cross References


Delayed Headers & Footers

Page Borders



Graphic Lines

Revision Tracking

Horizontal & Vertical Advance Codes

Special Paper Size/Type specifications


Special Symbols

Line Numbering



Tables of Authorities

Merge Codes

Tables of Contents

Multiple Headers & Footers [Header A] [Header B] [Footer A] [Footer B]

Text Boxes