California Superior Court Pleading Forms

Individual California Superior Court pleading templates and forms can now be purchased separately from CalPleadings. If your need is for single case use, or single court use, then purchasing an individual pleading template is an available choice.

Important Note: Useful CalPleadings features included with the pleading toolbar, such as Table of Contents/Table of Authorities generation, auto-numbering for discovery phrases are not included in single court pleading templates. Please consider your requirements carefully before making a purchase selection.

Law firms that submit pleadings to multiple courts will be better served by purchasing the CalPleadings package, since an unlimited number of court templates (and multiple users) can be bundled with CalPleadings. Proof of Service/Service of Process forms available only with CalPleadings.

California Superior Court Pleading Templates

Pleading Form: Alameda County Superior CourtPleading Form: Orange County Superior CourtPleading Form: Santa Clara Superior Court
Pleading Form: Fresno County Superior CourtPleading Form: Riverside County Superior CourtPleading Form: San Diego Superior Court
Pleading Form: Kern County Superior CourtPleading Form: Sacramento County Superior CourtPleading Form: San Francisco Superior Court
Pleading Form: Los Angeles Superior CourtPleading Form: San Bernardino Superior CourtPleading Form: Ventura County Superior Court
Pleading Form: Generic California Superior Court